Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

April 18, 2017  Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Woodburn, Oregon, USA

The first stop on our tulip farms trip was near Portland, OR.  I bought a photographer pass so that I could get to the farm for sunrise and sunset.  I arrived at 6AM and luckily it had stopped raining, but I still needed boots to get around the water and mud in the fields.


How do you like the pink John Deere tractor? There were dark clouds but no sun until about an hour later.  The old tractors in the field made for some interesting compositions.  The sun did give a little bit of pink backlight after awhile.


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As you can see in some of the later photos, I had fun trying to get reflections in the water standing between the rows.  The day turned out to be great with sunshine and scattered clouds, which is a rarity, as they said this was the rainiest spring in many years.  After dinner, I came back for a very nice sunset.  The day exceeded my expectations.  This is only a brief samping of the 250 photos from the day.

DSC_5992DSC_5990DSC_5963DSC_6022DSC_6037DSC_6047DSC_6135DSC_6106DSC_6086DSC_6074DSC_6175DSC_6278John Deere in Tulip FieldSunset in Tulip Field



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  1. Great shots of the flowers reflected in the water! It was nice to see even big time farms have weeds!

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