Tulips, Chully Glass, Olympic National Park, and Cannon Beach

April 20-25  Northwest USA

This is the third and last post of our trip to the Pacific Northwest.  There are a few more tulips that I could not resist showing you from a wonderful sunrise and then the day in Rozengaarde Formal Gardens.


We also spent a day in Seattle at the Chully Glass Museum and the Space Needle.


The final part of the trip was west to the Olympic National Park and seashore.  The trees are covered in green moss, the streams featured moss covered rocks.  At the Pacific Ocean, I choose several places that had sea stacks off shore.  These rocky outcrops are very hard and have not eroded away.  The last place was at Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Sunrise Reflections


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8 thoughts on “Tulips, Chully Glass, Olympic National Park, and Cannon Beach”

  1. These are fantastic! Is that Aunt Jo in the shot on the beach? Will you send me the “sunset” and “waterfall” shots? They would be awesome for a screensaver!

  2. The Chully photos remind me of something out Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Very cool UC!

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