Tulip Town in Mount Vernon

April 20, 2017  Tulip Town, Mount Vernon, WA

The main concentration of tulip farms is in the Skagit Valley near Mount Vernon and La Conner north of Seattle, Washington.  The annual tulip festival, in the month of April, attracts thousands of visitors.  Try to visit during the week to escape the crowds.  There are many fields in the area, but many have strict no parking on the sides of the road.  One farm did have a parking lot which we used two different times.


We visited the above field after a drive up from Portland and it was cloudy and very windy.  The daffodil fields are still in bloom although past prime.  The multitudes of tulips varieties and colors were unbelievable.


On Thursday we visited a place called Tulip Town that had both inside and outside garden displays.  In one large room both sides had large murals painted on the walls with smaller displays of tulips in front.  Please click for more photos.

There were large tulip fields on the grounds outside of tulip town.  The windmill is based on an authentic dutch water pumping mill.  Again we were lucky to have a fairly nice day with some sunshine.

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Tulip Cloudscape


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