Ironwood National Monument

January 25, 2017

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Today on our four wheel drive trip, we drove south from Phoenix, AZ to Red Rock for entry to the Ironwood National Monument.  This is a protected area for the ironwood trees, but also contains many saguaros – probably more saguaros than Saguaro National Park.
Saguaro cactus grow only in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona and northern Mexico.  They are slow growing and take 50-100 years to begin growing arms and live to 150-200 years..  They may grow to 40-60 feet tall and 2-3 feet in diameter.  They flower at the tips of the arms from April-May.  We saw a large concentration of saguaros with fantastic shapes with the arms going in every direction.  I could not find any information about why the arms have the various shapes – could be mutations or too hard of a freeze in the growing tip.  No one really knows.   If you do not know what you are looking for, the ironwood trees blend in with the mesquite, paloverdes, and other shrubs.  The best time to see the ironwood trees are in early May when they are in full bloom with pale pink flowers.  I have included a couple of photos of those in full bloom from another trip.

Saguaros information






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  1. As always, great pics. I guess my favorites are the “up” shots with the cactus against the deep blue sky. The one with the windmill is particularly nice.

  2. I must have missed this e-mail back in January. I was just going through some older e-mails and came across this one. As always, spectacular photos, and those blue skies are awesome.

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