California Wildflowers

March 29-31, 2017  Please check out the Portfolio for more flower photos.

The recent heavy rains in California have produced an abundance of wildflowers.  The first day we visited Diamond Lake near Hemet, CA.  So many people had been there and trampled the flowers, that they closed the main wildflower trail, but the Lakeside trail had just as many flowers.  The main flowers were yellow Mexican poppies, blue lupine, and pale pink phacilia.  Multihills4665

The next day we headed north toward Lancaster, but the wind was very strong so we continued further north to route 58 on the north end of the Carrizaro Plain. On the hills of route 58 we found masses of yellow daisies and sometimes in the foregrounds were muted yellow tall fiddlenecks (not so pretty).  On Soda Lake road in the Carrizaro Plain we saw very small yellow flowers with a pungent odor, yellow daisies, and purple phacelia.  In one photo there is a purple stripe of phacelia that is a quarter mile away.  Finally on the third day we found the orange California poppies around the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve near Lancaster, CA.

DSC_4621DSC_4609DSC_4571Barn and HIllsDSC_4656Multihills4665DSC_4679DSC_4685Soda LakeDSC_4754DSC_4725DSC_4789DSC_4807DSC_4836DSC_4867


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  1. My favorite – the one with the barbed wire strands across the panorama of distant flower-covered hills and gorgeous blue sky – the contrast of God’s glory and wonder against man’s treachery and corruption.

  2. God certainly has created a beautiful and colorful world for us. He has also given you the ability to capture that beauty with your camera. Great job.

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