Old Buildings on Way to Crown King

On the back road to Crown King, Az, which starts off Rt. 74 near Lake Pleasant into the Bradshaw Mountains, there are several remains of old buildings.  The first remains that we came to was called “Kentuck’s Place”, inhibited by a Civil war veteran, William “Kentuck” Bell, until he died at age 90.  Originally, this was a 2 story cabin, but all that is left is a stone foundation after the Forest Service removed the structure in the 1970s.

Next we found the stone walls of a small cabin, called Fort Misery, built by Al Francis in the early 1900s.  He hauled freight to Crown King from the Oro Belle mines.  The house was inhibited through the 1920s.

We stopped to photograph, one wall that was left standing at the Oro Belle Town site.  A few other foundations can also be found at the site.  The post office was opened in 1904 and closed in 1918.  The town was organized by the Oro Belle Mining and Milling Company in the late 1890s.  They were looking for gold in these mines, as “oro” means gold.  There were many mining claims in the area.  The saloon at Oro Belle including the bar was moved in its entirety to Crown King where it can be seen and visited today.

The final location, now privately owned, down a very narrow track was the New Savoy mine site.  We arrived in time for a good rain shower, so we did not get to explore very much.  This was the best preserved building of the day.  Note the parts of the words “Danger Explosives” on the building.

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